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Farm Management


In its continuing effort to improve its services, iconshare provides access in one of the most advanced Farm Management Information System in the area of South East Europe. By using this software, iconshare is able to plan all farming tasks for each customer, monitor crop growth, analyze production cost and profit, produce reports and communicate in an interactive way. This kind of software and farm management services are ideal for producer organizations, co-operatives, agri-food companies, farm consultants and other entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry.

Plan, monitor and record

Plan, monitor and keep record of all farming activities during the cultivating season. Detail tracking of quantities and cost of all inputs and resources, such as workers, machines, seeds, fertilizers, plant protectant. Use predefined farming task templates and schedules or create your own. View your activities on the calendar and track them on the map.

Register all your material purchases

Register all your material purchases. Automatic recording of material application via farming task. Support multiple storage locations. Inventory reports and detail transaction records. Usage and cost of all resources, workers, machines, materials per field and cultivation.

Financial management

Record all sales and purchases. Sophisticated generation of available crop quantities for sale via harvest tasks. Smart financial analysis: Profitability analysis per field, crop and farm. Cost analysis and breakdown for each cost category. Automatic allocation of fixed costs to fields and crops based area or yield. View interactive dashboards and generate reports.

Other features

  • View fields, cultivations and tasks on the map
  • Complete database of pesticide products
  • Document uploads
  • Register lab results for soil, water and leaf analysis
  • Custom backup and restore points
  • All reports available to Excel, Word and pdf format

Feasibility and technical studies for investments in greenhouses

Moreover, iconshare is able to perform feasibility and technical studies for investments in greenhouses and provide fertigation recipes for hydroponic cultivations by using an expertise and specialized software.