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Farm Consulting

Farm Consulting

The first of the three active divisions of iconshare is the division of Consulting Services. In i-CON.SHARE we are focusing powerfully on providing the best farm consulting services to our clients. We offer both on-farm agronomy services, as well as provide full farm consultancy packages.

iconshare provides to every client his own personal support team of consultants. Every client and every situation is unique. That is why each project requires an individual and specific approach. The iconshare ’s approach of consulting combines in a unique way on-site visits and off-site (telephone & e-mail) support. This way we make available to our clients advice, support, and feedback not only when the consultant is present, but for the whole growing season.

iconshare’s consultants work as a team, guaranteeing quality, consistency and continuity. Our consulting services extend to all aspects of the cultivation process in agriculture. We are focusing on increasing the yield for entrepreneur farmers. One of the fundamental elements of the consultancy, consists of matching the cultivation and plant system optimally to the availability of natural conditions.

iconshare’s advisory team services the district and view farm production as a partnership, by aiming to consistently increase the bottom line for producers through knowledge, experience and innovation.

iconshare uses experienced, highly regarded and well-connected industry experts. All advisors are actively involved in many industry organizations and research projects. The consultants are updated with best agronomic practices in order to advise and educate the growers effectively. iconshare’s agronomists-consultants are highly motivated professionals who work one-on-one with farmers to develop and implement their knowledge.

Farm Consultancy packages are tailor made to suit the uniqueness of the client’s goals and aspirations, the farm operation and the level of assistance and input required.

On-site Agronomical technical services consists of the consultants’ visit at customer’s premises and farms and support-guidance for daily or/and periodical operations.

The Consulting Services comprise the following set of services:

  • Advice on fertilizer requirements & fertilization recommendations per crop, based on soil and tissue analysis
  • Fertilization programs in greenhouses based on water analysis
  • Plant protection methods
  • P&D integrated management
  • Information about new crops
  • Validation of innovative means and methods in agriculture
  • Agricultural production qualification and implementation of certification protocols
  • Management of trademarks and patents

 iconshare consultants’ expertise

iconshare's Consultants Expertise

iconshare consultants’ expertise is kept up to date because they are exchanging knowledge within the organization, they are keeping contact with Greek and foreign research institutes, they are attending conferences and seminars and they are taking advantage of iconshare’s extensive network.

 iconshare’s consulting team

iconshare’s Consulting Team

iconshare’s consulting team is available to help farmers with any problem or questions they might face within their crops. The team is set-up to be a safety net and a consistent pro-active partner. We believe that fast and direct contact is essential and the transfer of knowledge is key for development.