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Hydroponics Consulting

Hydroponics Consulting

Hydroponic consulting-services

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants without soil, by means of technological systems that feed nutrients and water to the roots and are usually accompanied by other technologies that control the temperature and humidity of the environment surrounding the plants in a greenhouse. By controlling nutrients and water you have control the health and – more importantly – yield of your plant. If you control the temperature and humidity of the environment, then despite what Mother Nature intends on doing, you will have the power to create any crop you choose at any given time.

iconshare provides consulting-services and information for any type of hydroponic system. Furthermore, we give advice on how to setup and run commercial hydroponics systems. Our consultants have more than 25 years of cumulative international experience. Our consulting services are related but not limited to the following:

  • Making the right hydroponic choice.
  • Design of hydroponic systems
  • Site inspections & on-site consultancy.
  • Hydroponic farm evaluations.
  • NFT & channel-based systems, large or small.
  • Management of irrigation and drainage of all type of substrates

Nutrition for greenhouse crops

One of the most important factors in order to achieve a healthy, well developed crop with high production, is the proper fertilization. In particular, hydroponic systems require precision fertilization with continuous adjustment of electrical conductivity (EC) and pH.

iconshare collaborates with specialized laboratories contacting chemical analysis, for advisory services regarding crop fertilization, mainly greenhouse cultivations. In particular, fertilization recipes are provided for each crop growth stage for both soil and soilless (hydroponics) cultivation.

Feasibility and technical studies

The right choice of greenhouse construction, technical solutions and cultivation system is the key factor for a successful investment in greenhouses.

iconshare performs Business Plans and Feasibility, Technical and Marketing studies, in order to maximize the profitability of the investment. Which type of the greenhouse, which technical solution, and which subsystems, are only few questions must and can be answered before and investment realization. We are able to provide these answers by performing calculations considering the greenhouse systems, the local weather conditions and market prices.

For calculations, we consider technical characteristics of the greenhouse and its subsystems, crop development and financial data. We can calculate almost all parameters relating to:

  • Crop development and expected production
  • Consumption of heat and electricity
  • Consumption of water
  • The effect of different systems (heating, cooling, screens, CO2, control set points, etc.) to greenhouse environment and crop development
  • The effect of different covering materials and ventilation openings
  • The cost and return of the investment